A place to enjoy a variety of cuisines in Angeles City, Philippines, check out Day One Restaurant + Korean Bar. This restaurant offers Korean dishes that will satisfy your taste and budget.


Day One Restaurant + Korean Bar is located at Unit 104-106, Omnistellar Bldg., Friendship Hi-Way, a convenient spot for locals and tourists alike. The restaurant has a cozy and modern ambiance, comfortable seating and friendly staff. You can also enjoy their outdoor seating area, which is perfect for relaxing and socializing.



The menu of Day One Restaurant + Korean Bar is diverse and creative, featuring dishes that are inspired by Korean flavors and other cuisines. You can find Korean dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi, samgyeopsal, kimchi fried rice, and spicy chicken wings. You can also enjoy their salads, coffee, cakes, pastries, Korean ala carte, cheesy sizzling, rice meals, pasta, frappe, and pizza. Their pizza options include Popeyes Delight, Pepperoni and fries, Potato Bacon, Day One Combo, Waikiki Wonderland, and their signature Master choice pizza, a cone with cheese or something inside as a topping.

One of the best things about Day One Restaurant + Korean Bar is that they use fresh and quality ingredients for their dishes. They also have generous portions and reasonable prices, making them a great value for money. You can also avail of their promos and discounts, which they announce on their Facebook page. Click here.

The Master choice pizza from Day One Restaurant had a surprising twist: instead of ice cream, it had a cone with cheese or something inside. We enjoyed this creative and delicious topping.

Whether you are looking for a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a fun night out with friends, Day One Restaurant + Korean Bar is a place you should visit. You will surely have a memorable dining experience at this restaurant that offers a refreshing take on classic favorites.

One of the interesting features of Day One Restaurant + Korean Bar is that their main door looks like a vendo machine. A Vendo machine is a vending machine that dispenses various goods, such as foods and drinks. This design gives the restaurant a unique and creative appeal and hints at its Korean influence. The Vendo machine door also serves as a way to attract customers who are curious about what’s inside the restaurant. It’s a clever and fun way to make a first impression.

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